Efficient Rails

Andrew Allen
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Get More Done with Rails.

Efficient Rails gives you actionable upgrades to your workflow you can put into practice right now.

Learn all the best shortcuts and tools for crafting elegant Rails apps. Whether you're just learning Rails or have been using it for years, Efficient Rails will save you time and make you a happier developer.

What's Inside?

Efficient Rails is available in all major formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI. The PDF is 218 pages long and includes over 100 Workflow Upgrades

What is a Workflow Upgrade?

A Workflow Upgrade is a way to do something you're already doing, but better. Usually, faster and with fewer steps. These upgrades will make you look feel like a superhero when that person looking over your shoulder asks "how did you do that?!"

Chapter List:

1. The Terminal

2. Git

3. Rails Console

4. Models

5. Controllers


7. Assets

8. Mailers

9. Testing

10. Debugging


You'll receive updates automatically as soon as they're available. All sections in the current 1.0 version of the book are complete, but I'll continue to add content as I discover new workflow upgrades.

Early Feedback

"Loving the book. So cool, and really love the structure."

"I can't stop reading it and trying it in my terminal. "

"Great book - a ton of value here and clear, concise writing"

Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident in the value Efficient Rails provides that if you're not satisfied, just reply to your receipt within 30 days and I'll refund your purchase 100%.  There's nothing to lose and so much Rails knowledge to gain!

  • What's Inside

  • PDF
    10 MB
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  • Length
    218 Pages
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  • What's Inside
  • PDF10 MB
  • EPUB8.1 MB
  • MOBI20.6 MB
  • Length218 Pages
  • Sections100+


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